Rodfather’s Pick; Debby Manning, you’ve been made!

Debby Manning of Ft. Thomas Kentucky got made with her 1977 Pontiac Skybird. With 19,000 original miles, this car was the only Skybird entered and shown at a Pontiac Nationals event. To say its rare is an understatment although the marketing plan for this series of cars did not prove to be one of GM’s successes.

The car was a series of birds marketed to women after the sucess of the Bandit Trans Am, made more popular after the movie Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds and Gerry Reed. The Bandit car itself was originally called the Blackbird and was part of this series of Firebird.

The blue paint on Debby’s Skybird was exclusive to this edition in fact, the top color was only used on one other vehicle in all of Pontiac’s history.

The womens edition cars included a Yellowbird, Redbird, and the Skybird that Debby owns. Why not a Bluebird you ask? Well that was the original idea but General Motors could not get a deal worked out to use the name from the Bluebird bus company so they went with Skybird. I think that makes the car even more cool with that story behind it. Thanks Debby, welcome to the family!



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